Loyalty Program

It all started with our strong love for you.

We began giving rewards to customer in our effort to extend back the love our customer have been showing to us online. We believe love is reciprocal and should always be. We re-engineered our system to appreciate every single customer with special gifts, which we now call Rewards.

This is not a lottery, every customer gets rewards regardless of what service he or she uses. To us every Customer matters, from a those buying single domains to those buying servers and more.

Mobile Topup

Movie Tickets

Shopping Vouchers


We are a family and everyone is a winner, we provide rewards in supported countries for almost all purchases. Some of the things you can do on GigaLayer to get rewards are as follows:

  • Domain Registration & Transfers
  • Domain Renewals
  • Shared Hosting Setup
  • SSL Certificate Purchase
  • Dedicated Server & VPS Setup
  • Sitebuilder Setup
  • Affliliate Sales
  • Promotions

Claiming Rewards

Because we are in this for a long term, we have built loyalty issuing into the core of our billing system. To ensure we do not select what rewards one get, we do not even allow our staff to issue it. Rewards are given by our system, `automagically`.

To get rewards, simply use our services and they will popout for you ones elegible

Thank you

Just like this teller machine, all we want to say is Thank you. In our simple ways, we want to put more smiles on all our customers.

We appreciate every single one.